Our Range(Partners and Products)

Tickle Me Ltd works with a wide range of suppliers, from UK manufacturers to companies that import their own products from overseas.  Outlined below is a synopsis of each product range we supply, together with a product brochure outlining the range available.  If you are a buyer and would like to discuss our range in more detail and receive pricing information and samples, please contact us.

Illoom Balloons

illoom Balloons contain an LED light inside which once operated can make the balloon glow in the dark for up to 15 hours.  Illooms have an extensive range of balloons to fit any occasion, party or event and regularly add additional designs to their range.  In 2014 a new range of “make your own” balloon animals/ butterflies/ aliens will be available which are a perfect party bag filler.

Party Genies

Party Genies are quite literally an essential addition to your party supply needs.   Party Genies are special wall friendly stickers to hang balloons, party decorations, cards and scenery setters without leaving a residue or damaging the paint work!  The product range includes Balloon Hangers, Party Hangers, Card Hangers and more recently Scenery Setters.

A-Clay Modelling

A Clay modelling is not sticky to touch and won’t leave residue on your hands (or carpet!).  Specially designed to be simple to use, safe and fun to play with, models can be left overnight to air dry, preserving your creations!  The basic modelling range includes a puppy dog, cupcakes and racing car.  Larger packs including a set of wheels to make various modes of transport come alive.


Playmais will keep young children amused for hours.  PlayMais is a natural, versatile craft material for children, which is 100% biodegradable and therefore harmless to the environment. It is made from maize, water and food colouring and comes in party bag sized packs right up to large buckets containing thousands of different coloured PlayMais pieces.  Great fun and easy to use.


Giftmate is the answer to simple and fast wrapping.  A Giftmate bag enables you to wrap a present in a highly professional manner in seconds without the fuss or mess of scissors and tape.   Giftmate comes in four different rectangular sizes to fit any type of present and also a wine bottle sized gift bag too.  Simply place the present in the bag, pull the ribbon at the top and your wrapping is complete.

Hanging Lanterns

Who would have thought a 1970′s lampshade could become so popular.  With over twenty different sizes, ten different types and over fifty different colours, there is a hanging lantern or hanging paper decoration to match any event or colour scheme.   The demand for Hanging Lanterns over the last three years has been unprecedented and these products are now available in retail packs to sell in store to final consumers.

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